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About Cooking Cloud

What features are included in the Cooking Cloud-App?

You love cooking? Are you looking for a recipe? Simply ask your friends!

Now you can share your favourite recipes with your friends, add comments, and ask them directly for new recipes. Join our ever-growing cooking community!

With Cooking Cloud

you can save and categorize all your favourite recipes in your own personal digital cookbook. You can also add the best recipes of your friends to your cookbook, add personal notes, or ask questions using the comment function. You will always have your and your friend's best recipes in your pocket!

Your personal Cooking Cloud Community

Stay up-to-date with your personal news and view what your friends cooked today or whether they liked your recipe! Find new cooking friends and simply add them to your personal friend list. You can also discover great recipes from selected food bloggers.

Simplified upload process

Is uploading recipes often a cumbersome ordeal? With Cooking Cloud, you can upload recipes in just a few seconds. Either select the quick photo uploading process with a title image and a description photo or the text upload and simply copy-paste the ingredients & description - and done! Uploading a recipe with Cooking Cloud can be done in just a few seconds.


Cooking Cloud - That is cooking with friends! Start now joining our cooking community by creating your personal social cookbook - for FREE!

The best recipes - from you and your friends/

Simply share your favourite recipes or discover new recipes of your friends! Tasty!

Your digital cooking book - always on hand/

Simply save your favourite recipes in your personal cookbook.

Share with just one click/

Simply save your best recipes and share them with your friends.

/Always up to date

What did your friends cook today? What did they find "delicious"? What comments did they leave for your recipe?

/Discover new recipe ideas from your cooking friends

and receive feedback for your own recipes!

/Find new cooking friends

You love cooking? Thousands of others do so as well! You can easily find new cooking friends and exchange your best recipes!

Download free the Cooking Cloud app now and become part of the big cooking community!


Your digital cookbook with personal recipe categories. Perfect upload function for new recipes with a simple photo upload process. Also, you can always see what your friends are cooking and what comments they left for your recipes! And constantly find new cooking friends! Now with Cooking Cloud!